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IN PRIMO PIANO: Amphenol RF Subminiature SMA Connectors

Amphenol RF Subminiature SMA Connectors
Amphenol RF high frequency SMA end launch connectors offer excellent VSWR performance up to 26.5 GHz. These connectors feature an optimized end launch design with either through-hole legs or traditional slide-on mounting legs that make them an ideal PCB connector solution for high frequency applications.
Microchip SST39SF010A - Memory Chip
The SST39SF010A is a CMOS Multi-Purpose Flash (MPF) manufactured with SST proprietary, high performance CMOS SuperFlash technology.
Crydom Transportation: Component Moment Extended Cut
Need solid state relays and contactors specifically built for the transportation market? Learn more about Crydom's Transportation products...
Mean Well LRS-350: Component Moment
Need a 350 W Power supply built for high efficiency and long life? Learn more about the LRS 350 series from Mean Well
Top 5 Places to Find Data Sheets
So your boss has just given you a tight deadline to find a component that will meet your biggest client’s newest project specs. You need to find the right part and research part data. So what do you do? ...
Microchip PIC12F629 - Microcontroller
This powerful (200 nanosecond instruction execution) yet easy-to-program (only 35 single word instructions) CMOS Flash-based 8-bit microcontroller packs Microchip’s powerful PIC® MCU architecture into an 8-pin package and features 1 channel comparator and 128 bytes of EEPROM data memory.
How to Place An Order on
Does placing an order online seem difficult? If you answered "YES" please check out this video
Mean Well RSP-2000 Series: Component Moment
Need a 2KW AC/DC power supply that operates for 90-264 VAC input and offers various built-in functions? Check out the RSP-2000 series from Mean Well
Panduit - GTS-E Ergonomic Cable Tie Tool: Component Moment
Need an ergonomically designed Cable Tie Handtool with 15% less comparable force with pull and twist action ideal for production maintenance or construction applications? Check out the GTS=E . Learn more here:
Microchip MCP6002T – Linear Op-amp
The MCP6002 is a dual general purpose op amp offering rail-to-rail input and output over the 1.8 to 6V operating range. This amplifier has a typical GBWP of 1 MHz with typical quiescent current of 100 microamperes. The MCP6002 is available in 8-lead PDIP, SOIC and MSOP packages.
Mean Well LED Drivers for Outdoor Lighting: Component Moment Extended Cut
Need a high efficiency LED driver? Try Mean Well's variety of LED Drivers...
Mean Well HVG320: Component Moment
Need a AC/DC LED power supply fit for both indoor and outdoor applications? Learn more about the Mean Well HVG-320 ...
Tech Lab - APEM AV (Anti-Vandal) Series Switches
In today's Tech Lab we learn more about APEM's Anti Vandal series of switches. Learn even more by clicking here:
What number comes next in the sequence
Can you guess?
Bud Industries PTQ Series: Component Moment
Need a durable enclosure that is great for harsh environments?
Mean Well RST-5000 & RST-1000 series 3-phase AC/DC power supplies: Component Moment
Need a 5KW single output AC/DC power supply series that has built-in functions such as output programming, active current sharing, and remote on-Off control? Learn more about the RST5000...
Orion Fans - OAB400 Motorized Impeller: Component Moment
Do you need a all-metal impeller with curved backward blades that is great for your telecommunications, air filtration or ventilation application?
American Zettler: AZ2800 and AZ2850 relays
Need a relay perfect for your Electrical vehicle application? Try the American Zettler AZ2800 & AZ2850 relays...
Schurter MSM LA CS Metal Line Switches: Component Moment Exposed
Learn more about the Schurter MSM LA line as we take a more in depth look in this Component Moment Exposed
Mean Well GSM220B: Component Moment
Need a highly reliable power adapter customized for the medical industry? Learn more about the GSM 220B from Mean Well....
Top 5 Best Sites To Shop For Electronic Components Online
We searched high and low (online that is) for the best places to find electronic parts at a price that's right. Feel free to check out our top 5 and share what you think.
APEM High Performance Toggle Switches: Component Moment
Need a toggle switch designed for Agriculture, transportation & Defense? Try one of APEM's high performance toggle switches..
Bud Industries PN Series Enclosures: Component Moment
Looking for an enclosure with custom enclosure options such as holes, cutouts, or slots? Learn more about Bud's PN Series...
Mean Well HBG 240 Series: Component Moment
Need a power supply ready for almost any condition? Check out the HBG 240 Series from Mean Well
AZ Displays - Digital TFT LCD Panels: Component Moment
Component Moment: AZ Displays Digital TFT LCD Panels
Honeywell Hazard Switches: Component Moment Extended Cut
Need a micro switch for hazardous & explosive environments? Learn more about Hazard micro switches from Honeywell...
Panduit’s Pan Ty PLT4H TL0 and TL30 Cable ties: Component Moment
Need a Flexible cable tie that allows installation with one hand? Try the PLT4H series from Panduit - learn more:
Supplier Spotlight: Jon Teel of FOCUS LCD
Learn more about why we love our newest supplier FOCUS LCD
Top 5 US Conferences Electrical Engineers Should Attend For Late 2016
Top 5 US Conferences Electrical Engineers should attend for late 2016
What is the next number in the sequence?
Can you tell what number is next?
TE M39016 Relays: Component Moment
Need a hermetically sealed relay designed for applications in demanding conditions? Learn more about the M39016 ...
Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ Heavy-Duty Limit Switches - LSA1A Series: Component Moment
Need a heavy duty limit switch ready for tough environments? Check out the Honeywell LSA1A series.
Omron Automation - E3Z-F Miniature Photoelectric Sensors: Component Moment
Learn more about Omron's E3Z-F Photoeletric Sensor
Bulgin’s Standard Buccaneer Connector Series: Component Moment
Need a connector great for industrial, automotive & marine applications? Check out Bulgin's Buccaneer Series...
Bourns Magnetics: Component Moment Extended Cut
Not sure what magnetic component is right for your application? Learn more about Bourns' Breadth of magnetic products in this Component Moment Extended Cut...
American Zettler 40A and 50A Miniature Power Relay: Component Moment
Need a cost effective miniature power relay with high performance, and a high comparative performance?
TE Connectivity / Corcom EJT Power Inlet EMI Filters: Component Moment:
Learn more about the TE Corcom brand EJT Power Inlet Filter.
Mean Well Adapters: Component Moment Extended Cut
Need an adapter for industrial/consumer/office/medical and more? Mean Well has you covered with it's family of Adapters
How to pick the Right Display - All About Circuits [Newhaven Display]
Ever wondered how to pick the right display for your electronics project? Look no further - in this episode of All About Circuits you'll learn how...
TE Connectivity's Corcom R Series Filters: Component Moment
Need a 2 stage Power filter that has low amount of current leakage? Learn more about the R Series....
ebm-papst - RadiCal® Fans: Component Moment
Learn more about some of the most efficient and quiet fans on the market...
What number parking spot is the car parked in?
This may be exceedingly easy or ridiculously hard based on your perspective...
Neutrik etherCON RJ45 Connectors: Component Moment
Need a Ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connector system? Try the etherCON RJ45 from Neutrik...
EDAC E-Seal Waterproof Connectors - Series 560 and 572 - Component Moment
Looking for a connector that is waterproof to grade 1P67 and available in either wire to wire or wire to board options? Check out the EDAC 560 & 572 Series...
APEM - CT SERIES: Component Moment
Learn more about the advantages of the APEM CT Series sealed toggle switch.
Alps Electric HSCDTD008A Geomagnetic Sensor: Component Moment
Need a Geomagnetic Sensor designed for e-compass and mobile devices? Learn more about the HSCDTD008A from ALps ...
ebm-papst R2E Series Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans: Component Moment
Need the quiet and efficiency of a backward curved fan? Try the R2E Series from ebm-papst...
Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ BZ Series Large Basic Switches: Component Moment
Need a large, premium snap action switch for precision operation? Learn more about the Honeywell BZ Series...
Schaffner - FN9280 & FN9290 Series Power Entry Modules: Component Moment:
Learn more about the Schaffner FN9280 & FN9290 Series Power Entry Modules
Mean Well - RST - Single Output Power Supply Series: Component Moment Extended Cut
Need an adapter great for test measurement & RF applications? Try the RST Power Supplies from Mean Well...
ebm-papst IP68 Rated Fans: Component Moment
Need a fan with Ingress Protection of 68? Try the ebm-papst IP68 Rate Fans.
February 2017 Price increases at
Save while you still can on parts from these suppliers who will be raising their rates in the year's shortest month...
Tap Tap Tech: The Internet of Things
Tap Tap Tech: The Internet of Things
Which figure best represents the next circle in the series?
Brain Teaser - can you guess which figure is next?
Delta Fans PWM Series: Component Moment:
Need a fan with built-in Pulse-width modulation? Try PWM fans from Delta...
Tech Lab - Mean Well Adapters vs Generic Adapters
Learn what happens when you put a generic adapter up against a meanwell adapter series. Which is more efficient? Find out in this tech Lab.
Tap Tap Tech: Screen Technology
Tap Tap Tech: Screen Technology
Assmann WSW RJ45: Component Moment
Need a connector great for Industrial and instrumentation applications? Try Assmann WSW's RJ45 connectors
ebm-papst 3250J: Component Moment
Panther-like quietness from aeroacoustic blade design
Tamura Hall-Effect Current Sensor L34SXXXD15: Component Moment
Learn more about the current sensor that is UL recognized with current overload capability...
Tech Xposed: Arduino Buildup
Tech Xposed: Arduino Buildup
How many regular Hexagons do you see?
Remember Algebra II? Wait until you have the right answer then click to share your answer in the comments....
ebm-papst ACmaxx and GreenTech® EC Compact fans: Component Moment
Downgrade costs by upgrading technology!
Prices are going up in 2017 - save while you can still get 2016 prices.
over 30 of our suppliers are raising prices in the coming weeks find out if your parts are on the list you can save!
Honeywell - V7 Series: Component Moment
Component Moment: Honeywell V7 Series
TE Superseal Connectors: Component Moment
Need a connector that is just as good for off-road usage as it is your typical sedan? Then try out the SuperSeal connectors from TE...
C&K KMT0 Tactile Switch: Component Moment
Looking for one of the smallest switches with an integrated actuator, extended life cycle and smallest footprint? Learn more about the C&K KMTO Series...
Welcome our newest supplier FOCUS LCD to the family!
Learn how a hometown LCD manufacturer solves clients' customization needs.
Mean Well - GEM18I Series: Component Moment
Interchangeable Power adapter for those looking to charge their devices in countries with differing electrical outlets.
Mean Well LED LIGHTING: Component Moment Extended Cut
Learn more about the variety of LED lighting solutions Mean Well has to help you brighten your lighting needs...
Component Moment: TE Connectivity D-436 Mini-Seal Crimp Splices
Need a small, MIL-Spec approved, Immersion-resistant crimp splices that are on QPL for SAE-AS-81824? Check out the TE Connectivity D-436 MiniSeal Crimp splices.
Bulgin PX0833-3: Component Moment
Need a CAT5e connector that meets IP6 standards? Learn more about the Bulgin PX0833-3 connector
TE Connectivity - Kilovac EV200 Relays: Component Moment
Learn more about the TE Kilovac brand EV200 Continuous Carry Current Contactors.
Omron G7L Relays: Component Moment
Need a high capacity, high dielectric strength relay great for compressors, heaters, power tools & Industrial equipment? Try the G7L from Omron...
Bud Industries Nema 4X Plastic Enclosures - NBF Series: Component Moment
Need an all-plastic enclosures have been designed to meet NEMA 1, 2, 4 and 4x requirements? Learn more about the NBF Series from Bud...
ITT Cannon - Trident Series: Component Moment
Need a versatile range of enviromentally resistant connectors with fully interchangeable contacts? Learn more about ITT Cannon's Trident Series
TE Connectivity - KRPA Relays: Component Moment
Find out more about TE Connectivity KRPA relays.
Omron G5V1 SPDT Relays: Component Moment
Need a SPDT Relay for Signal Circuits - great for telecom, audio-visual, security, building and automation equipment? Try the G5V1 Series...
Switchcraft EN3® Series Weathertight Connectors: Component Moment
Looking for a connector that meets IP66/IP68 enclosure ratings and is available in 2-18 pins? Learn more about Switchcraft's EN3 series...
ITT Cannon - APD Connector Series: Component Moment
Need a lightweight, fully plastic, enviromentally resistant connector? Learn more about ITT's APD series...
TE Connectivity - W58 Circuit Breaker: Component Moment
In this video Learn more about TE connectivity, W58 Circuit Breakers.
TE RT2 Power PCB Relay: Component Moment
Need a 2 pole PCB mount power relay that is ideal for industrial control, home & building automation and HVAC applications? Try the RT2...
Honeywell Potentiometers: Component Moment
Learn why When thoughts turn to rotary position sensing – thoughts turn to Honeywell ...
ASSMANN WSW Components USB 3.1 Type C Connectors: Component Moment
Need a universal mating USB connector? Learn more about Assman WSW USB 3.1 Type C Connector
Honeywell - ABP Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors: Component Moment
Find out more about Honeywell's basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors.
Carling C Series Circuit Breakers: Component Moment
Need a circuit breaker great for marine, renewable energy & military applications? Try the Carling C-Series.
Neutrik TRUE1 PowerCon Cable connectors: Component Moment
Need a rugged connector for safe power connection? Learn more about the Neutrik TRUE1 POwerCON
C&K KSC Series High Performance Tactile Switch: Component Moment
Need a customized switch to meet your unique application? Check out the KSC series...
TE Connectivity - T92 Circuit Breaker: Component Moment
Learn more about High Power PCB Relays from TE Connectivity...
Carling A Series Circuit Breakers: Component Moment
Need a Circuit Breaker with Up to 6 poles and up to a 30A current rating? Learn more about the Carling A Series...
Ohmite LVK Chip Series - Component Moment
Learn more about this chip from Ohmite that has the Kelvin configuration...
Schaffner FN 2090 Two Stage EMI Filter: Component Moment
Want to learn more about an EMI filter great for noisy applications? Check out the FN 2090...
TE Connectivity - VersaFit: Component Moment
Component Moment: learn more about the TE Connectivity VersaFit
Carling M Series Circuit Breakers: Component Moment
Need a miniature, hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker? Learn more about the Carling M-Series
Hammond 1590 Series Enclosures: Component Moment
Learn more about the rugged Hammond 1590 Series
TE's AMP Free Height Board to Board Connectors: Component Moment
Learn more about the latest board to board connector from TE...
APEM - TS Series Thumbstick: Component Moment
Learn more about the APEM TS Series Thumbstick
E-Switch TL3301: Component Moment
Need a tactile switch available in different heights & actuator sizes? CHeck out the E-Switch TL3301
How To Place An Order
Ever wonder how to place an order through our site? Here's a step by step breakdown of the process.
Bulgin 400 Series Mini USB: Component Moment
Learn more about BUlgin's 400 Series mini USB.
Honeywell - NT/TL Micro Switch: Component Moment
Honeywell NT/TL micro Switches are great for both military and commericial uses.
Magnecraft 800 Series: Component Moment
Need a relay that provides simple and effective solutions for applications with limited space availability?
Prices are going up in March!
for these fine suppliers. Get the parts now while there's still time to save...
Ohmite - OX OY Resistors: Component Moment
Need a Series of fixed ceramic resistors that are ideal for circuitry associated with surges, high peak power or high energy?
Tech Xposed: Teardown of the Oculus Rift DK2 takes a part an Oculus Rift DK2 in search of what makes up the finished product. Checkout this short and sweet video to learn more!
Panduit GTH-E Cable Tie Tool: Component Moment
Need to install heavy-duty cable ties? Try the GTH-E from Panduit..
Honeywell PX3 Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer: Component Moment
Need a Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer that is robust both electrically and physically? Try the Honeywell PX3 Heavy Duty Pressure transducer...
Ohmite - MCS Resistor Series: Component Moment
Check out the MCS Series from Ohmite.
Tap Tap Tech: Mars
Today, we’re going to discuss Mars – the planet, not the candy maker. Mars has held a cultural interest for the world for literally millenia, being named after the Roman god of war due to its red, angry color. In the late 1800’s, Mars fascination peaked again as research revealed what seemed to be artificial structures – leading to books such War of the Worlds and the Princess of Mars. And now, it seems as if Mars has taken the spotlight again. Curiosity currently wanders the planet, and my office in a much smaller form, NASA just verified that liquid water still flows on today’s Mars, intermittently at least, and the movie “The Martian” was just released, the first decent Mars movie in years.
ebm-papst LED cooling PG1W : Component Moment
Need to cool your LEDs and increase their efficiency? Check out the PG1W cooling solutions from ebm-papst
Bourns SRP1265A Series Shielded Inductors: Component Moment
Need a ROHS compliant inductor ideal for automotive systems? Check out the Bourns SRP1265A...
TE Connectivity's Raychem DR-25 Tubing - Component Moment
Do you need flexible, chemical and abrasion resistant tubing specially formulated for optimum high-temperature fluid resistance and long term heat resistance?
Tap Tap Tech: Battery Technology
Josh discusses the immense need for powerful battery technology with new and emerging technologies.
Omron G6k Sub-miniature relays : Component Moment
Need a sub-miniature relay great for Telecommunication equipment, Office automation machines, & Test and measurement equipment? Learn about the G6k...
ebm-papst ACi4400 Fan: Component Moment
Need a high performance, Electronically Commutated compact fan that's also energy efficient? Check out the ebm-papst ACi4400 series
Tamura - Power Module EPM1210SJ: Component Moment
Looking for an energy-saving switching power module? Look no further than this power module from Tamura.
Tap Tap Tech: Autonomous Vehicles
Josh discusses autonomous vehicles and walks us through the evolution from the 2004 DARPA grand challenge to the present day.
Focus LCD Selector Tool: Component Moment
Ever have trouble deciding on a display? FOCUS LCD's Selector tool will change all of that...
Mean Well GST160A: Component Moment
Need a single output green adaptor with output voltages ranging from 12VDC to 48VDC? Learn more about the Mean Well GST 160A...
Kings Electronics - BNC Connector: Component Moment
Need a consistent, high quality BNC connector? Look no further than the Kings Electronics BNC crimp Series:
Tech Xposed Teardown:GoPro Hero 4
This video features the GoPro Hero 4. This GoPro records 4k video at 30 frames per second. See What's Inside!
Honeywell Conveyor Switches: Component Moment Extended Cut
Need a micro switch that is just right for your conveyor application? Learn more about Honeywell's family of Conveyor Switches in this Component Moment Extended Cut...
Mean Well HLG-600H Series: Component Moment
Learn more about the most replicated LED driver in the industry - available from 40W-600W. Find out more about Mean Well's HLG series...
SCHURTER - Protection Class II Medical Power Entry Modules (KMF Series): Component Moment
Need a compact, easy and flexible, snap-in mounting, switched power entry module with innovative EMC shielding and RFI filtering? Check out the Schurter KMF series:
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